My debut album ‘The Strings Of Fate’

‘The Strings of Fate’ is an epic album dedicated to transporting you to a world of Oriental Fantasy Metal with the help of fiery guitar riffs, traditional Japanese instruments, beautiful virtuoso melodies and larger than life lyrics.
Each song tells a different story and together they will take you on a spiritual pilgrimage to discover that fantasy and real life are one and the same. We all have our own battles in life and ‘The Strings of Fate’ is here to inspire you to victory. May it aid you in your quest to keep the darkness at bay.

Now available on vinyl!

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I invite you to join me in this adventure and explore the oriental fantasy metal for yourself!
It is alliance between the realm of dreams, ancient legends and a grounded, epic sound that creates a setting for the dark fairy tale which will be revealed to you one step at a time.



Discover the Dimarai Songstress

Yarimā Kuro is a Dima Faewarian of the Soomēna Forest, situated in the Eyvarla Kingdom, in the far east of the planet Faewar. She’s a protector of the spiritual realm and a guardian of balance at the glorious Askarū temple, keeping the peace amidst the shadows of night. The music of Yarimā reflects the duality of her nature. Hard guitars and crushing drums, contrasting symphonic arrangements and eastern mysticism, her ethereal voice lighting the way through the dark.

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