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Flavour Nurse

Flavour Nurse is a Faewarian band from the LovAnaverse Music Universe known for pioneering the genre of Arcane Rock. The band consists of frontman Gaius Black, bassist Sobias Sheim, guitarist Raven Van Rijn & drummer Croon.

The music of Flavour Nurse is progressive and mystical, covering the spectrum both musically & topically. The band have an alchemistic approach to music, blending Faewarian magic to create an immersive experience, constantly evolving with elaborate arrangements and intricate detail. Each song a journey of it’s own…

 Flavour Nurse: The Self Titled Debut Album

The debut Flavour Nurse album begins with the ominous tones of Dystopian Galaxy, a dark and dramatic orchestral introduction that leads into the light of the Flavour Nurse. Majesty, A Million Miles (Disappear) & Love is the Reason showcase the band’s anthemic rock sound, with grand orchestral arrangements and spiritual themes. The band go on to showcase different flavours of their sound throughout lovestruck bopper Heart Baby Love, debauch rocker Kickin’ Around & the stripped back Shelter from the Rain. Side Effects takes its place on the record as the band’s debut effort, as well as the epic finale Eleven of Fire, which closes the record with an enriched sense of musical magic…

Flower Cross, emblem of the Flavour Nurse

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