Yarimā Kuro is a Dima Faewarian of the Soomēna Forest, situated in the Eyvarla Kingdom, in the far east of the planet Faewar. She’s a protector of the spiritual realm and a guardian of balance at the glorious Askarū temple, keeping the peace amidst the shadows of night. The music of Yarimā reflects the duality of her nature. Hard guitars and crushing drums, contrasting symphonic arrangements and eastern mysticism, her ethereal voice lighting the way through the dark.

Yarimā is a leader of the Raksaka Clan, born in the aftermath of the great Xavaxian war to a ruined home, devastated and cursed by all that is dark in Luux. The Eyvarla Kingdom had been held hostage during the age of war to the Xavaxian Stronghold, many Faewarians fell to the corruption of Xavax, undergoing the vicious transformation into their bloodthirsty enemy. Whilst the war may have ended in the exodus of Xavaxian kind to their destined homeworld of Xavaxia, trauma was left deeply embedded in the eastern lands of Faewar, where the greatest and most devastating battles had taken place. 

The Dima are a disciplined race sworn to harness dark energy into pure potentiality – protecting its source from the sinister manipulation typically attracted with the promise of such power. Many Dima lead spiritual lives as warrior monks, devoted to defending Faewar from the darkness that continues to pollute the lands of Eyvarla. Yarimā is a revered and noble leader, having maintained balance of the Soomēna Forest for many centuries, once a legendary battlefield where thousands gave their lives – dark souls linger in the shadows, feeding on the energies as they gather the strength to re-manifest themselves into the physical world. 

Yarimā is exceptionally skilled in the art of Faewarian Sword, specializing in the Dimarai form, in which she was trained by Grandmaster Kuro Sai. For centuries Yarimā has wielded a Dimarai Katana as her weapon of choice, slicing through countless hordes of night creatures during her watch. She is an enigmatic symbol of hope to her people, who she inspires not only through her courageous action, but also through the beauty of song. 

Yarimā is heralded for her magical voice, healing the world in ethereal melody, believed in folklore to have derived directly from Mother Fae herself. Having heard of Yarimā’s great talents and deeds, the Dimarai Songstress was visited by musical pilgrim Gaius Black, who swore to capture her songs in the truest possible light – so that people far and wide could revel in the beauty and honour the great sacrifice of servitude to the realm made by Yarimā and her kin.