Sobias is a travelling musician hailing from a small Faewarian settlement on Ganjune, renowned for his contributions as a founding member of the popular Faewarian band, Flavour Nurse. Prior to his endeavours with Flavour Nurse, Sobias spent many years exploring the Celestial Sea, offering his services and seeking companionship among adventurers as a verse maker and storyteller, commemorating noble achievements in song. These days this humble bard resides at the Muunsapphari Club Lounge, performing and awaiting his next calling.

Sobias was born and raised on the harsh Steppes of Ganjune. As an infant, he was instructed by his tribal elders to travel to Faewar. There he explored the six kingdoms learning from the masters before embarking on a galaxy wide quest to contact and integrate with alien societies.

He would eventually be captured by a Gydunian heaper vessel. Without the legal representation of a Hexian, he was incarcerated and subjugated under complex Gydunian contract law and bound in service to Dungboss Detritus, a prominent Gydunian business mogul. Dungboss had little patience for Faewarian ideology and found the music intolerable. Sobias was enlisted as a ‘meat sack’ for the Detritus Heapers, Dungboss’ upstart Stickball franchise. Sobias would go on to make an impression in the Heapers and would eventually be drafted into the starting line-up.

Sobias reached the climax of his Stickball career during his third and final season with the Heapers as they clinched The Blood Rush Energy TM Gydunian Cup from the Krapp Titans during the dying moments of ‘First Blood’. However, The Heapers were liquidated soon after due to cash flow insolvency as Dungboss had embezzled from the club profits. Unable to accept employment elsewhere due to contractual entanglements with Dungboss, Sobias was exiled to hard labour on Dystoga.

On Dystoga, Sobias joined fellow convicts in building and maintaining an exile colony centralised around the Detritus & Sons Landfill headquarters. Sobias served in the wasteland peace patrol, the first line of defence against reckless Dystogon marauders who terrorized the exile colony (seemingly just for pleasure). Sobias escaped Dystoga along with a crew of fellow exiles and a tribe of Dystogons seeking passage to the colony on Muunsapphari, a moon orbiting Faewar in the Luux system. There Sobias enjoyed a relaxed moon life and built the Muunsapphari Club Lounge, an interstellar drinking and dining establishment featuring music from across the galaxy…

***Heaper Vessel: essentially a dump truck, in space.

*** Dungboss Detritus: heir to the Detritus fortune, Mayor of Mudport and proud founder/owner of Detritus & Sons Heapers Co. (a commercial transport manufacturer specialising in the production of Heaper vessels and landfill services).

*** Meat Sack: A common term that simply means body, usually implying a useless individual with no purpose other than being a walking sack of meat. In Gydunian Stickball ‘Meat Sacks’ are decoys with a sole purpose to absorb the brunt of the opponents defence. Meat Sacks are surprisingly well paid, but their careers are unsurprisingly short lived. Death is probable.

*** Detritus Embezzlement Scandal: Business Mogul, Mayor of Mudport and heir to the Detritus fortune – Dungboss Detritus, has been forced to liquidate the Gydunian Cup champions, Detritus Heapers, In order to fund is sons third lavish subterranean penthouse apartment.