Gaius Black is an acclaimed composer, producer and performer, known throughout the Celestial Sea as one of the greatest and most prolific musicians of all time. His works are considered cornerstones of the modern era, as he continuously adapts throughout thousands of projects and collaborators, firmly establishing a legacy of influence across many genres.

Gaius is approximately 600 years old, born in 1411AE (Luux Timeline)/89BCD (Celestial Standard). He was born during the Faewarian Age of Elegance to a Faewarian mother and Xavaxian father, during the Romantic Era on Xavaxia. Gaius was orphaned at a young age and taken in at the prestigious Sanctuary, in the Faewarian capital of Empathia. There he studied music and magic, in which he excelled, quickly gaining reputation as a child prodigee.

Having heard of the talents of young Gaius, the childs Xavaxian relatives called for his presense in Vondinium, the black stars notoriously gothic capital. There he would impress to great acclaim, as he learned new skills and techniques from the dark culture of his father. Gaius would come to split his youth between the two homeworlds of Faewar and Xavaxia, a rare and controversial arrangement for the time, as the two had been bitter enemies following the great war that led to their estrangement.

As Celestial Democracy began to rise throughout the Celestial Sea, the worlds of Luux looked on from afar, concerned for the preservation of their sacred ways. No longer could the dual races of Faewarians and Xavaxians subvert to animosity. It was clear that from now on they must work together, just as the young Gaius had fortold. Agents from the Luux System began travelling from the Outer-rim, making contact with alien species and integrating into mainstream civilisation. 

Faewarians and Xavaxians typically did well for themselves operating in creative fields; praised for their architecture and fine craftmanship of jewels and ornaments, heralded for their art and masterful understanding of music. The latter of which would become a booming industry galaxy wide, as Celestial Democracy came to adopt more alien civilisations, many with their own musical traditions at the heart of their culture.

Having cut his teeth on Luuxarian Classical music, the importatation of new music and instruments from all corners of the Celestial Sea made for quite the coming of age for Gaius. Above all else, it was the introduction of the electric guitar that revolutionised his approach, one that would change the music of Luux forever. Gaius would live out his youth prolifically, travelling and creating new music with a wide range of collaborators in the Luux System, before relocating to the Inner-rim’s Amathonia.

Amathonia is considered by many as the cultural melting pot of the Celestial Sea. It is the most technologically advanced world and home to science and innovation for the Celestial Democracy, attracting many of the most skilled workers in the galaxy and boasting the greatest, most diverse nightlife infrastructure. Many musicians gravitate towards Amathonia due to the huge demand for quality entertainment. Establishments range in all shapes and sizes, each catering to different audiences, suited to the seemingly infinite variety of entertainment on offer.

Having made a name for himself on Amathonia as an artist and producer, Gaius would become one of the most in-demand and commercially successful musicians in the galaxy. All was not well, however, as glamour and debauchery took it’s toll… Seemingly, at the height of his success, Gaius disappeared. Those who had seen him prior to the disappearance cited a jaded shadow of his former self, as he progressively sank lower into the depths of despair. For the most part, Gaius was presumed dead.

What happens next is unusual even for the mystical worlds of Luux… having been found dead, Gaius is reborn in flame. Little is known of that which occured during these events and those who know of them consider it divine intervention. All that is known for sure is that Gaius’ time in this realm was far from over. Upon returning to Faewar, Gaius was anointed Chief Composer of the Sanctuary, where he continues to produce music prolifically – opening the doors to trusted companions from across the galaxy, as he orchestrates his greatest contribution yet…