The fourth planet orbiting the shining star of Luux, a system far from mainstream civilisation, in the far corner of the Celestial Sea. A lush paradise by Celestial Democracy standards, beyond the tendrils of industrialisation and conquest to which many of the central worlds have fallen victim. The surface of Faewar is diverse, ranging from dense swamplands and rainforests to vast fiery realms where snow-capped mountains are said to have been set ablaze by dragons to form volcanoes in ancient times.

The terrain on Faewar varies extensively, as do the Faewarians who inhabit the six kingdoms on each of the six continents. There is a multitude of ecosystems unique to each region, with a plethora of species such as the Eagles of Valdur who inhabit the planet’s mountainous spine, jutting across Faewar’s central kingdom, Wudrasir.

Dense forests within the planet’s biomes absorb carbon dioxide which is locked up within the trees, maintaining a low carbon content in the wide oceans that surround the six continents. The consequence are rich marine eco systems swarming with sea creatures, both terrifying and majestic.

This outer-rim world is but a myth to the masses, its existence is woven into ancient stories scattered across the stars, novelising the mysterious pointy-eared folk who inhabit its surface, appearing throughout the course of history as wise guardians and wanderers. Faewarians are steeped in mystery, creators of elegant civilisations hidden in the seemingly endless forests that are prevalent throughout the six kingdoms.

The Elvanar Kingdom is recognised as the primary base of diplomacy on Faewar and home to the planet’s grand capital – Empathia, known as the city of light. Among its many treasures is the Sanctuary, a stronghold of music and magic and home to many of the greatest minds throughout its proud history. Most prominently the Arcane Council, consisting of six wise masters known for their spiritual insight and stoic wisdom, conveying the philosophies on which society is built. The six kingdoms bow to their divinity, ruling in favour of peace and prosperity in the world.